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Hamilton Jewish Federation
12/16/2001 6:47:30 PM

For almost a century, Hamilton Jewish Federation's Community Campaign has raised the funds that open the doors to Jewish Hamilton's core programs and services. Your gift to the Community Campaign will help ensure a quality standard of Jewish life within Greater Hamilton, providing multiple opportunities for Jewish engagement and support for those who need it most.

Looking for a reason to give? Look no more. Just watch these images and make the connection between your Community Campaign donation and the vibrancy of Hamilton Jewish Life.

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Who we are

Hamilton Jewish Federation is the organizational hub of Hamilton's Jewish Community, open to community members representing all religious streams, varying viewpoints, a wide variety of backgrounds and a wealth of ideas.  Hamilton Jewish Federation is a catalyst for new projects and initiatives that meet the community's current and future needs.  

Your values build the federation community. It starts with you. And belongs to all of us.

Federation is your partner in pursuing justice and human rights. We foster a sense of pride in our Jewish heritage, here at home, and with our family around the world. We make a difference by helping support and enrich lives through our commitment to Judaism and Jewish values. Though our home towns and languages may be different, we are bound together by the richness of shared history and tradition.

Hamilton Jewish Federation is your connection to the people of Israel, to building partnerships and understanding. From immigration and resettlement to social services ... to leveraging dollars and human resources to improve the quality of life for Israel's most vulnerable citizens ... in good times and bad ...UJA Federation is your commitment to the survival and security of the Jewish State.

Federation builds community through education - strengthening schools for the young and honoring those of every age who age who choose to open their hearts and minds to Torah. Federation supports educational programs for adults, early childhood programs for children and innovative training from new instructors.

Federation is your advocate ... creating public and private partnerships with federal, state and local governments to meet the needs of the vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled, and new immigrants.

Hamilton Jewish Federation is one of 157 federations across North America.  Canadian Federations are organized under the umbrella of United Israel Appeal of Canada. Jewish Federations across North America are organized under the umbrella of United Jewish Communities.

Hamilton Jewish Federation brings together our local schools, social services, fundraising, advocacy, community relations, communications and many other functions and is our community’s direct working link to Canadian Jewish Congress, Canada Israel Committee, Canada Institute for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, Jewish Immigrant Aid Services and the Institute for National Jewish Campus Life.

Hamilton Jewish Federation is our community’s direct link to Israel and the global Jewish world through the UIA Israel office (Magbit Canada), through the Jewish Agency for Israel and through the Joint Distribution Committee.

What we do

The four basic mandates that define the Federation movement everywhere, define the organizational structure, priorities and program initiatives of Hamilton Jewish Federation .  These mandates are shared by 189 Federations and 400 affiliated Jewish communities across the continent:

Assist the vulnerable

Strengthen Jewish education and Jewish identity

Advocate for Israel and the domestic Jewish interest

Strengthen the Jewish community through ongoing community development.