December 3, 2018 - From the desk of Gustavo Rymberg CEO

Hola means Hello

Hola! That's how friends greet each other in my native country Argentina, and it's in that same spirit of friendship that I'm reaching out to you today.

I'm writing you this note from my office here at JHamilton, the new centre of Jewish life in Hamilton. Since my arrival in this wonderful city 18 months ago,  I've been privileged to witness countless indications of the transformation that is currently underway in Jewish Hamilton, such as yesterday's first annual overnight Jewish camp fair that took place at JHamilton. What a joy it was to see dozens of young families from all affiliations come together to enjoy sufganiot and Chanukah activities, while learning about overnight camping options for their growing families. 

The complete transformation of Jewish Hamilton into a truly inclusive, caring and vibrant community will only come about through a  collective effort. That's why I encourage all of you to come out for community events and get involved in community life.   

Every Monday, you'll be hearing from me with a short message about what your Federation and your community agencies are up to on your behalf. I hope you'll read these messages with the understanding that communication is a two-way street. Please feel free to email me anytime with your comments, feedback, suggestions or just to say Hola. 

May this Chanukah season bring the light and joy of togetherness to you and your family. 



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