14 2019

Beit Ha'am Films - Z-Talks: Blessed

7:30PM - 8:00PM  

J Hamilton 1605 Main St. West
Hamilton, ON L8S 1E6

All the films that that will be shown in a series of meetings, we've carefully selected from dozens of award-winning films.
The films portray different aspects of Israeli society, the Israeli way of life, and issues that engage young Israeli artists.

Meeting 1 out of 4: Blessed
This meeting will be about:
Ethnicity | Tradition versus modernism | customs | Particularity versus Universal | wedding and love |
Individual versus community and family | Israeli society | women in Israel |

Facilitated by our Israeli Shlicha Adi!

Sponsor: The “Beit Ha'am Films” was planned and produced by the Department for Diaspora Activities at the World Zionist Organization.