12 2020

Citizens in a Digital Age, with Tal

6:30PM - 8:30PM  

Hamilton Jewish Family Services
Suggested minimum donation for attending is $5.00 or donation of food to the Hamilton Kosher Food Bank 30 King St East
Dundas, ON L9H5G6
905-627-9922 x 21 alexisw.jss@gmail.com

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Citizen of the Digital Age (online dangers and digital footprints)
We all know that the world is changing rapidly - the work force, the media, the technology and the structure of the families. But how does it all effect MY family?
In this lecture we will review the ways and the tools that we can apply in our every day life when we are dealing with our family members.
This lecture will cover the following topics:
• How does technology effect our quality time with our kids?
• How many hours should Kids be on screens?
• Does it make a difference which screen?
• How many hours of sleep does my kid need?
• Cyber bullying and cyber relationships.
• How do we become the go-to person to our kids?

Sponsor: Hamilton Jewish Family Services, Tal Shaish