10 2017

Community Event - Speed Meet Different Beliefs

2:00PM - 4:00PM  

The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton 170 Dundurn St. S
Hamilton, ON L8P 4K3

I​t's not often you'll find a Buddhist nun, a Muslim, a Jew​, an Atheist, a Catholic, a Unitarian, an Anglican and a Presbyterian in one room - much less have an opportunity to ask them questions about their beliefs. Now you can. 
​Distressed by a growing atmosphere of intolerance, a ​group from different backgrounds ​have planned an unusual event, a first for the city​. Studies have shown that the best way to overcome prejudice is to get to know a person unlike ourselves and to learn more about their faiths and beliefs. At ​"Speed-Meet Different Beliefs", Hamiltonians are invited to engage in conversation ​and ask ​any questions they may have to people from a variety of faith and belief backgrounds. The format will be similar to a “speed dating” or ​a ​networking event, with options to visit belief groups of interest to each attendee​. A r​eminder at 15-minute interval​s invites people ​​​​to move around the room to another table​. The idea ​is for everyone to meet someone from at least 4 different faiths or beliefs​ during the course of the afternoon. ​  Admission is free but please register in advance. For more information, please contact Julia Kollek 905.517.2310