22 2020

Demons in Judaism, with Channah Fonseca-Quezada

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

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Why do we believe in demons? Where does the belief come from and what kinds of demons exist in Judaism? Join Channah in her exploration of demons in Judaism and how over time they have contributed to our Jewish beliefs.

Channah Fonseca-Quezada is Chilean born and raised in Vancouver. She has a MA in Religion from Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia, and a Master of Theology from the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver. For both her masters, Channah focused on Jewish religion and theology, and their application to daily life. She is currently a PhD candidate at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where she is focusing on female demons in the Jewish literature of the Second Temple period. She is also interested in gender studies, trauma theory, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.