8 2020

Emotional Coaching Our Children, with Tal Shaish

6:30PM - 8:30PM  

Hamilton Jewish Family Services
Suggested minimum donation for attending is $5.00 or donation of food to the Hamilton Kosher Food Bank 30 King St East
Dundas, ON L9H5G6
9056279922 alexisw.jss@gmail.com

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Join Tal Shaish and Hamilton JFS in an interactive evening for parents:

What is Emotion Coaching? How can it complement your parenting style?
What parenting behaviours you would prefer to avoid?
What parenting behaviours would you like to embrace and practice?
How can we communicate empathy and understanding more effectively?
How can you connect both to your younger and older children?
How can you avoid the four behaviours that can harm your relationship with your child?

In this two-hour lecture, we will review the components required to be an Emotion Coach to your child.
Based on the Gottman Institute’s bestselling book, Emotion Coaching: the heart of parenting, this is a hands-on, practical lecture, that reveals new approaches and techniques for encouraging resilience in our kids, improving communication in the family, and nurturing their self-esteem.
You will walk out of this lecture with a better understanding of:
• How to create bonding with your child
• How to make you and them aware of their emotion
• How to change patterns of behaviour
• How to set limit and solve problems

Sponsor: Hamilton Jewish Family Services, Tal Shaish