8 2022

Fourth Annual Marvin Caplan Jewish Book Festival l Simon Constam

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

JHamilton 1605 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON

Contact Jazmin Rymberg
905-648-0605 ext 301

Simon Constam will be presenting on his book Brought Down
Simon Constam is a poet and an aphorist. His poems have been published in various magazines, among them The Jewish Literary Journal, Poetica, and the Dark Poetry Club. He has published a new, original aphorism under the moniker Daily Ferocity on Instagram, daily for almost three years.

Brought Down
Characterized by the admission of doubt in God’s desire for a better world, and willing to see Jewish tradition as indispensable, Brought Down struggles with daily life as a firm believer and continuing pride in Jewish identity.

In the great Jewish tradition of holding God to account, and not relenting in anger towards Him, the themes in this book are universal: faith, religious practice, forgiveness, history, and the relevance of belief.