7 2014

Jewish Geneology Society-Temple Anshe Sholom Breakfast Club

10:15AM - 12:30PM  

Temple Anshe Sholom 215 Cline Ave. N.
Hamilton, Ontario

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Speaker: Dr. Simon Kreindler
From Galicia To Barbados, Guatemala, Montreal And Toronto - A Genealogist’s Journey
There is a $7 charge to join us for the breakfast. There is no charge for just attending the presentation

Please join us for this very special joint JGSH / Temple Breakfast Club meeting where we welcome Dr. Simon Kreindler. In his presentation Simon uses online metrical and cemetery records to trace his family back to Solotwina and Zablotov in Poland/Galicia ca 1790, and on to Bukovina ca 1900.

After WWI his grandparents lived in Czernowitz/Cernauti, Romania. From there he uses passenger manifests and ship arrival records to follow them to “Amerika” – his mother’s family to Guatemala in 1927 and his father to Curacao in 1930 (and subsequently to New York, Aruba and Barbados in 1934). In 1936 an unlikely threat forced his mother’s family to leave Guatemala and brought his parents together in Barbados.

He will briefly discuss the Jewish history of Barbados, a British colony that in 1654 provided refuge for Sephardic Jews fleeing the Inquisition in Brazil. These Sephardim built the island’s sugar industry and its Nidhe Israel Synagogue –the oldest in the western hemisphere and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1930 the island has been home to a small community of Ashkenazi Jews.

Dr. Simon Kreindler, a JGS of Canada (Toronto) member since 1997, grew up in Barbados, studied medicine in Montreal and since 1971 has practiced psychiatry in Toronto. He has been researching his family’s Galician roots for many years and has been able to trace his paternal and maternal lines back to the late 1700s

In 1995 his serendipitous discovery of a first cousin in Winnipeg, previously thought to have been lost along with his entire family in the Shoah, infused his search with new energy. After visiting Czernowitz and his family’s shtetls of Okna, Zablotov, Ilince and Solotwina (in present-day Ukraine) he embarked on writing a memoir for his children and grandchildren.