27 2020

Witches and Judaism, with Eric Leiderman

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Message or email Shira for the password if you don’t already have it. Shira@bethjacobsynagogue.ca.

Eric Leiderman has a special presentation about what the Torah has to say regarding witchcraft in Judaism, just in time for the secular holiday of Halloween. How is witchcraft defined, who is participating in it, and why do the rabbis disapprove? Is there anything Jews practice today that would defy the Talmudic prohibitions against sorcery?

Eric Leiderman is founder & head creator at MASORTI X, a brand and digital content development group. He is also the President & Co-Founder of MASORTI On Campus – a grassroots network for traditional-egalitarian communities on North American college and university campuses. Eric has held fellowships through Hillel International, the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and the Jewish Theological Seminary.