30 2020

Yak and Snack

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

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Grades 5 - 9, join Anna for more facilitated yaking and snacking with your peers: "What will we talk about at Yak 'n Snack? Oh, you know, the usual. Life, the universe, and everything. We'll answer questions big to small like: Was the whole sacrifice of Isaac thing cool or awful or both? And what role did Sarah play? And how does that connect to Rosh Hashanah? What are you doing for the High Holidays? For school? For ending summer vacation in the best way possible? For making the world a better place? What is the shofar and why do we blow it and why do we blow it so much? What movies have you watched this month? Any from our "watch these cool Jewish movies" list? What did you think? Why are you avoiding the Yak n Snack Hangouts group? You - yes you - should be posting stuff in it. And finally, what is the right spelling of Yak/Yack?
All answered next Sunday, between 10-11 over Zoom! See you there!"