Jewish Community Centre (Hamilton JCC)

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The JCC is located at J Hamilton, 1605 Main St. W.   For information about the JCC’s programs, activities and classes: Contact Jazmin Rymberg or call (905)648-0605. The JCC also has an email list and you can ask Jonathan to put you on the list so you can see the kinds of activities for all ages that are going on in our community.

Social Networking in the Hamilton Jewish Community  

Central information source for the Hamilton Jewish Community:


Young Adults Under 40:


Hamilton Jewish Community Mom’s Network:


Doing Jewish in Hamilton Facebook Group:


B’nai Brith Mixed Bowling League or (905)516-5599


Na’amat Hamilton Women’s organization


Men’s basketball league

Phone number: (905) 512-2119 or +1 (905) 308-5917


Hamilton Jewish Federation News

Would you like to be on the e-newsletter list? The newsletter goes out approximately weekly and gives announcements about events and activities for all ages in the Hamilton Jewish community.

In addition there is a quarterly newspaper “The Hamilton Jewish News” and you can receive it as a hard copy or electronically.

To get yourself on the mailing list, contact Wendy Schneider (