Portraits in Giving

Rochelle Waxman

The world according to Rochelle Waxman: Feeling needed and having a purpose are the key to a happy life

Jo-Ann Pomerantz

Jo-Ann Pomerantz is as committed to volunteering as she is to Israel. And that’s saying a lot.

Darren Kudlats

First impressions are often lasting ones. With Darren Kudlats, it was this:  He is an unassuming, exceedingly modest man of few words with a smile that is so bright, it feels that it could light up the world. They say that the eyes are a window into one’s soul. Kudlats’s eyes,  which t…

Lawrence Yanover and Frances Cohen

Th3 2014  Community Campaign got a boost with a $40,000 challenge gift by Lawrence Yanover and Frances Cohen in honour of his parents, Paul Hanover and Helen Yanover, and their long-term commitment to the Hamilton Jewish community. The gesture was meant to inspire others to step up to…

Stan Tick

There was nowhere in our community  for developmentally-challenged adults to live, until Stan Tick did something about it.

Early Influences

I had two siblings who had special needs. I came along later and I saw the love that my folks gave to them and to me,  how important community was t…